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The purpose of this blog is fairly straight forward and can be found on the right-hand sidebar. In 2004 a project website called the SouthernNationalist sought to articulate many of the issues surrounding the history of the struggle to retain states' rights within our republic. Such a project was too exclusive, for if we are to truly believe in the principle of states' rights then we should also believe that it is not merely a southern ideology.

Local autonomy, and the right of our individual states to govern in ways that reflect the sentiment of the local people is the truest form of practical representative democracy. Our republic was founded on this principle, somewhere along the way we lost our path.

Any blogger, regardless of political persuasion is encouraged to join us. After all the beauty of states' rights is that we can agree to disagree among our various states and still retain unity on important matters to true national interest. If you are interested in joining link to the alliance page and drop us an email to let us know you are out there and with us. (And don't be afraid of the domain name, you don't have to be advocate the legality or practicality of secession to support states' rights).

In the future we will host a very occasional Carnival of States' Rightist, with topic centering on contemporary problems and how these problems might better be solved through state rather than federal involvement.

Also, if you are just stopping by, please read and sign the Declaration of States' Rights


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Blogger John Dilmun said...

I have read many pages from your web site and wish to know how I can contribute to your blogs.

As a resident of Florida I am appalled at the decision of the Democratic National Party to exclude our duly elected delegates to the national convention! Is the fate of individual states now subject to the whims of national parties?

We read much about states rights but see little.

Where are our rights?

Journalists who write for sindicated national news services criticize the state governments of Florida and Michigan for violating the rules set by the DNP.
There is no legal support of the citizens of the Great State of Florida or Michigan.
There is no sympathy for us or our rights in the media or from the Federal government.
Whose rules do we obey?

Is there no rule of law in this country or are we as residents of our respective states now subject to nongovernmental organizations as well as those of the fascist mega government?

The Supreme Court will soon render a verdict on our cherished right to bear arms.
Will they next rule out our right to vote on any issue?

For years we have passed examples of the erosion of our liberties among ourselves as anecdotes or email attachments.
We have asked each other over and over 'what kind of country are we becoming'?

We must band together to address these problems before some Federal beaurocrat or minor national entity decides we no longer have the right to justice in a court of law.

4:52 PM  

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